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“The beautiful connection between what feels like an Americana/country tradition with vintage folk sentimentality really works well on [Medicine]. It’s a careful and harmonious composition, begging the attention of fans of the Joni Mitchell era of classic folk music.” - Ear to the Ground Music

“Alexandra Grace gives fans a seasoned pop sound with her latest single release, “Creature of Habit.” This single explores feelings of self-betrayal, heartbreak, and insanity with a bit of a melancholy sound of regret. I’m loving Alexandra’s solid songwriting, musicality and soulful voice. She self-accompanies her music on guitar and piano to give audiences a captivating live experience when performing.” - Lhyme Music Blogger

“[Solstice] is some of Grace’s best writing. She really knows how to pull you in and soothe your soul.” - Chinwags Podcast

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